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Siobhan Cregan, transition year student, shares her volunteer experience at IBM’s BTYSTE Stand January 17, 2011

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IBM at the BT Young Scientist 2011

Siobhan Cregan giving badges, stickers and frisbees to visitors

Hi my name is Siobhan Cregan; I am a sixteen year old Transition year student at Muckross Park College. I had the chance to do my work experience at the IBM stand at the BT Young Scientist and this is my blog of my first day!

The reason I managed to get this opportunity was because my dad is an employee at IBM and thought I might enjoy a different type of work experience. I arrived on the Thursday morning at the RDS at 8 20 for my shift at 8 30 (that is really early for me!). I met Deirdre Kennedy (IBM’s Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs Manager) outside with my exhibitors pass that would allow me to go anywhere in the exhibition. We were all equipped with our t-shirts and crib sheets full of information about the stand just in case we weren’t paying any attention in the briefing the previous week!

It was quiet for the first hour as we put the finishing touches to the stand, but when the doors opened to the public a 9 30 all hell broke loose. The stand was covered in Primary and Secondary students from all over Ireland wondering what we were doing and if they could have a Frisbee! The crowd never seemed to thin out, we had students talking to volunteers about the stand and ‘smarter cities’, there were students on the many laptops filling out our questionnaire that made our ‘wordle’ on the flat screen look brilliant and playing our smarter cities demo, and the rest were collecting their passports to go hunt down the unsuspecting volunteers scattered around the show room armed with only a paper hat and some stickers.

By 12 o’clock I was ready to go back to bed but that was not going to happen with the sea of people handing in their passports and waiting eagerly for their badges and Frisbees! At that point I really thought I was mad to be doing this till 6 30 put after a refreshing lunch and a quick look at the other exhibitions I was ready to go again.

After 3 the crowd really died down a lot as most of the schools left to go home and the only students left were the ones taking part in the competition, we finally had time to breath and really get a chance to talk to the teachers and adults about what IBM was doing.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience working at the BT Young Scientist, all the volunteers were lovely and very nice and not one of them seemed to complain or give out about anything. It made my first week back after Christmas more bearable knowing that I got to do this.

Posted on behalf of Siobhan Cregan – Thanks Siobhan for all your help taking photos which can be found on Facebook.

Click here for BTYSTE event photos->

Click here for BTYSTE videos->



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