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Day 2 – Review January 13, 2011

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Day 2 of the BT Young Scientist saw the long awaited arrival of visitors to the RDS. The venerable old main hall of the venue was packed to capacity from the early hours of this morning as people came from the four corners of the country to appreciate the work of the students. There was very little respite for anybody, exhibitors, students, parents and teachers alike during the day, as a form of very efficiently organised mayhem descended.

The IBM stand did not escape the furore. Volunteers were swamped the entire day as students predictably came looking for their free memorabilia, but also to collect their pins and pick the brains of those manning the stand. Comfortable footwear was a must as the constant flow of visitors relentlessly maintained its intensity.

The energy from day 1 certainly carried into today and was palpable. The exuberance and enthusiasm of exhibitors and students was more than intoxicating and provided a memorable backdrop to a memorable opening day. Watch some of our volunteers in action and come meet them tomorrow!



1. Jim O'Keeffe - January 14, 2011

Excellent Work. Sounds like great fun plus the students and their interest in science and technology is very hopeful for the future.

2. Kristina - January 14, 2011

Students are keen not only to get passports and frisbees but also are taking part in our What makes a smarter city survey which is feeding our Wordle Virtual Billboard.

3. Ayoub - January 14, 2011

That buzz is just amazing, I can’t wait to be there on Saturday 🙂 !

4. Alessia Riccardi - January 14, 2011

Great experience! As a volunteer, I was amazed about the genuine interest that young population showed, from every age, when approaching at our stage… they were very curious to understand more about what would be a smarter city with IBM technology and they expressed their views, with “smart” comments, in the Questionnaire we handled them.
And I have to say these children were very well behaved too when waiting for their stickers to be attached on their passports (great fun for them) and when getting gadgets ..very popular were frees-bes, that strangely were not even misused in the air of the exhibition!

5. Conor Phillips - January 14, 2011

Brilliant video and a real taste of the mania in the RDS this year! It’s great to be part of this event and support the school goers who are interested in technology. It really gives you a sense that Ireland has a bright technological future !

6. pollicia - January 14, 2011

Next video is going to be on the main stars of the show: the students themselves! I am editing as we speak. Keep checking the blog and keep your comments coming!

Deirdre - January 14, 2011

Fantastic buzz in the RDS today – really busy at our stand and the students were in great form and so eager to try the questionnaire and collect their stickers – although we did reward them with freebies 🙂 everyone was enjoying the day today….Great to be part of it!!

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