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Book your “Smarter City” journey at the IBM Stand at BTYSTE January 10, 2011

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The IBM "Smarter City" is currently being built in the RDS.

Only a few more days to go and everything is coming together for our IBM Smarter City Stand (No 30).

We now have over 65 volunteers trained and ready to show you around our stand and the Smarter City journey we have planned for you.

Our stand will be interactive and we need you to make things happen:

Collect stickers in "Smarter Planet" passport and receive badges

Your journey begins by collecting your “Smarter Planet” passport at the stand:
Step 1: Collect your passport
Step 2: Find 3 IBMers in the exhibition hall
Step 3: Collect the 6 stickers
Step 4: Return to IBM stand and exchange passport for Smarter Planet badges

Attention Teachers! Be sure to attend one or both of our Teacher Seminars

“Green Schools and STEM“ seminar on Thursday, January 13th at 12pm presented by  Dr Claire Penny. Claire is the ‘Green’ Integrated Supply Chain & Green SigmaTM Global Programme Manager

More details->

“Science,Technology or Engineering- the flexible career options” presented by Joe Fitzpatrick on Friday, January 14th at 2pm. Joe is a Program Director at IBM Software Group

More Details->

What is IBM?

  • IBM is the world’s largest I.T. Company
  • approximately 400,000 employees worldwide
  • 100 years old in 2011 – 55 years in Ireland
  • IBM is a great place to work, many opportunities, many careers

Last year a “Smarter Cities Technology Centre” opened on the IBM technology campus in Mulhuddart, Co Dublin. Researchers at the Centre are investigating how advanced analytics and visualisation techniques coupled with solutions such as cloud, stream, and high performance computing, can help city authorities make optimal use of resources and so meet the challenges of our increasingly urbanised world.

Please visit our “About IBM” page and learn about our research, technology, solutions, Community programmes, diversity and employment opportunities.

IBM programmes help prepare the next generation to lead in the “Innovation Economy”. IBM works closely with the community, schools and universities through programmes such as KidSmart Early Learning Programme,TryScience, Engineeing Week, Science Week, MentorPlace, Reading Companion and BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition.  You can learn more about these programmes by visiting our “IBM in the Community” page on our website ->.

Follow our daily reports and video interviews  live from the event

We will be covering the event with a “Daily Report”on our blog which will also include a video interview from teachers, students and volunteers.

Be sure to catch one of our colourful frisbees before departing from our stand.

Catch one of our colourful frisbees



1. bodonovan - January 10, 2011

Looks like it will be a great stand. I can’t wait to visit!

2. pollicia - January 10, 2011

I can’t believe the stand will be ready tomorrow, it’s so exciting!

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