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Teachers’ Seminar “Green Schools and STEM” on Thursday, January 13th at 12pm December 23, 2010

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We would like to invite all teachers to attend Dr Claire Penny’s  “Green Schools and STEM”  seminar on Thursday, January 13th at 12pm

Key seminar message: How to integrate Maths, Science, Technology, Communications and English within the Green Schools program across the school curricula.

Summary of seminar provided by Dr Claire Penny:

“My passion is environment and I think that the Green Schools project is a great one worthy of promotion, so I am going to use my Environmental Management System experience to deliver a seminar on Green Schools and how to integrate Maths, Science, Technology, Communications and English within the Green Schools program across the school curricula.

In the seminar I will provide insight into how to set up and maintain an environmental management system, give pointers for success, share some best practices and importantly provide information on an integrated approach to deliver the elements of the Maths, Science, Technology, Communications and English within the Green Schools program across the curricula.

By attending this seminar you will hopefully meet like minded people, pick up some best practice and feel confident that you can either begin the journey of Green School certification or continue with the program within your school.

Dr Claire Penny’s Biography

Based in Dublin, Ireland, I joined IBM as an environmental engineer in 2000.

My current position is ‘Green’ ISC & Green SigmaTM Global Programme Manager:

o    Green ISC (Integrated Supply Chain) program manager is a global environmental role, focussed on optimising and reducing the environmental aspects of the ISC manufacturing operations though an initiative driven by a world-wide volunteer team.
o   Green SigmaTM commercial and internal development and deployment. Green SigmaTM  applies advanced statistical analytics to optimize the use of energy, water, CO2 and waste.

BSc (Hons) Applied Biology attained from Liverpool John Moores University.
MSc Landscape Ecology attained from the University of London.
PhD attained from Liverpool John Moores University researching the heavy metal stress responses in conifers. At the time, Brownfield site development was a hot topic, and there was a view that growing conifers on these used sites could stabilise the environment.

Other current external commitments include:
–    Non-executive director of WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) Ireland,
–    Council member of COMHAR Sustainable Development Council
–    Member of the ROI IEMA (Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment) Regional Steering Committee.

Latest project:

At IBM I face new challenges and avail of new opportunities each week, which means that my job remains exciting and interesting.  Over the past few years I have been working on a very exciting project which uses statistical analytics and software to ensure that equipment within a building is using energy in the most effective and efficient way.  The results from the project have shown that we can reduce the amount of energy that is wasted each year by understanding and optimising the energy used in a building, in fact it has proven to be so successful that IBM have now made the decision to turn it into a product and make it available to our clients.  This has been a huge achievement for my team and I.

Posted on behalf of Dr Claire Penny



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2. pollicia - January 10, 2011

Hi Claire, I look forward to attending your Teacher’s seminar, even if I am not a teacher 🙂 When I was in school, I was always more attracted by non-scientific subjects, but if I had known what science and technology can do to help our society in practical terms, then I think I’d have given it a real go. I hope through your seminar, you can inspire teachers in the potential behind STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Best of luck!!

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