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Experience “The Smarter City” at our stand: No. 30 December 15, 2010

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IBM Ireland at BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition in the RDS from 12th -15th January 2011

Building a Smarter Planet City by City

By 2050 70% of the world’s population will live in cities. We are adding the equivalent of seven New York Cities to the planet every year. This will put a huge strain on the earth and its resources. Thankfully help is at hand! Around the world IBM is helping cities to become more intelligent, or as we say, smarter!

IBM is helping the systems that run our world to be smarter by linking them up and analysing the data and patterns that result. This can help everyone improve our traffic systems, our education systems, our healthcare systems, our water systems and help our cities to be safer places to live and work.

  • To find out more, why not visit Stand 30 and add to our ‘Wordle’ on how we can build a smarter planet, city by city.
  • Get ready for destination ‘Smarter Planet’: Pick up a Smarter Planet Passport, find the IBM employees with stickers and claim your unique set of Smarter Planet Badges.

What is “The Smarter City” Experience?

The Smarter City is an interactive experience that helps visualize how cities can become smarter by being instrumented, interconnected and intelligent. Click image below to enter “The Smarter City”.

IBM’s Smarter Cities Technology Centre is working on solutions to make a Smarter Dublin.

The Smarter Cities Technology Centre is located at the IBM Technology Campus in Dublin, where a highly skilled and cross-disciplinary team help cities around the world better understand, interconnect and manage their core operational systems such as transport, communication, water and energy. The team of subject matter experts will work with city authorities, universities, small and large businesses as well as experts from IBM Research and the company’s Software Development Lab in Ireland to research, develop and commercialise new ways of making city systems more connected, sustainable and intelligent.

Due in large part to the enormous modelling complexity and intensive computing resources required to build truly integrated systems, urban planners and local governments have traditionally evolved separate solutions for areas such as water, traffic and emergency response. By being able to integrate their core systems and use advanced analytic capabilities offered by the Smarter Cities Technology Centre, cities can now enhance decision-making, improve urban planning, and provide better and more cost-effective services to citizens.

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