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Water, water every where… January 13, 2010

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“Water, water every where,
Nor any drop to drink”

Little did Coleridge know, when he was writing The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, that he’d be so popular today, in 21st Centurty Ireland. His quote came to my mind yesterday when, after reading about water shortages in the free press on my train commute INTO work, I got caught (without umbrella) in a torrential downpour on my way to the train station AFTER work!

Water everywhere

Metro Herald free press homepage, January 12th

Is any of you wandering the same: how can there possibly be water shortages, if it’s pouring down and, at the same time, several towns across the country are reportedly suffering from floods?

Broken pipes, leakages, poor conservation efforts, etc. We are obviously not making the most of the resources we have.

Smarter water is the answer. At our IBM stand we are exhibiting a practical example of how real-time water analysis will help us take better care of our coasts, lakes and rivers in Ireland. But we can do more! Ever heard of smart meters for electricity? They sense how much is being used and where it’s being used. They help us modify our energy consumption habits. Could the same be applied for water, to see in real time where the pipe breakages or leakages are? To help us get more sensible about how we use water, and how much of it we use?Most of this technology is available today, we just need to join forces, coordinate resources and expertise… and get the projects going!

IBM wants and can be a player in all this, but we are not the only ones: some of the students exhibiting at the BT Young Scientist have had the same idea. Per free press this morning: “A 15-year old schoolboy has unveiled a new device which he claims could help prevent future flood misery… He designed a thermometer which checks soil temperature to alert of any increase in water levels.” We hope to meet him during the exhibition and chat with him about smarter water!

P.S. Still raining….



1. bodonovan - January 13, 2010

The fact that it is still raining doesn’t surprise me, but the fact that we are running out of water does surprise me.

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