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Slides for the Teachers Seminar January 13, 2010

Posted by bodonovan in open-source, ubuntu.

IBM will be running a seminar for teachers attending the exhibition entitled “How to use Free Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) to save money and improve the quality of your students’ education“. The seminar will be held on Thursday (14/Jan) from 2-3pm and then repeated again on Friday (15/Jan) at the same time. You can download the materials that will be presented at the seminar by clicking here.

Although we tried to customise the content towards the topics that we thought teachers might be interested in, we are not directly familiar with the IT needs of secondary schools. If you would like to see any additional topics covered or if you have a question, please leave a comment here and we will try to answer your questions during the tutorial.



1. Fred Raguillat - January 13, 2010

Very good slides! Lotus Symphony should also be mentioned as alternative to MS Office as another free opensource office suite with lots & lots of plugins! 😉

if interested, you can get it here

2. bodonovan - January 13, 2010

I understand why you make this suggestion. However, we took a concious decision to list Open Office instead of Lotus Symphony in this talk for the following reasons:

1) OpenOffice is installed by default with Ubuntu while Lotus Symphony is not
2) Lotus Symphony is free, but is not actually released under an open source license (at least not now).
3) The people attending this talk are not likely to be interested in extensibility or integration with Lotus Notes (which are the two main benefits of Lotus Symphony over Open Office).

3. Fred Raguillat - January 13, 2010

makes all sense – THX for clarification Brian! 😉

4. bodonovan - January 16, 2010

Some of the teachers at the seminar were asking about the Open Street Map project. The URL for this project is http://www.openstreetmap.org/ – if you wish to download these maps in a format that is compatible with your car’s SatNav system you should visit http://downloads.cloudmade.com/

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