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What’s smart and what’s not January 8, 2010

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Traffic disruption

From rte.ie photo gallery

This week, talking about a Smarter Planet is very appropriate.

We have all seen the disruption caused to traffic all around Ireland (and if you have been following the news, we are not just talking secondary streets or secondary towns…)

News report (Jan 6th)
Update (Jan 8th)

Could all this have been avoided? How could we use existing technology such as sensors, the internet and real-time data analysis to make things work better all around us?

Real time water analysis

Real time water analysis

Some of these technologies are already in use. Some we will even showcase at our IBM stand, for example the capacity to analyse marine life and water quality around our beaches… in real time.

Could the same principles be translated to traffic, weather prediction, road treatment? What would we need, from a technology perspective, to make this work? Who would we need to approach? Who are the players in this game? We think there’s definitely scope (and the need) for things to get smarter.

What are your thoughts and ideas?

P.S. Hope all of you can make it to the RDS next week. To make sure your journey is safe, here are two handy Twitter accounts you can follow: @IrishRail and @AARoadwatchIE. And of course an extensive list of live updates can be found on this RTE News report or on the RTE Live Update page.



1. Brian O'Donovan - January 8, 2010

A brillian blog post Allesandra. It really shows how this smarter planet concept really affects people’s life in terms that people planning to attend the Young Scientist Exhibition next week.

Now lets hope that it is a “Smart Exhibition” and is able to go ahead as planned despite the weather 🙂

2. bigblueblogireland - January 8, 2010

I hope that this technology can be adapted and used by government and affiliated bodies to manage responses to weather conditions. Why should Ireland continue to be brought to a stand still – we need to prepare even if its unusual or “freekish” weather. We need a plan and technology that can help do this.

3. Brian O'Donovan - January 8, 2010

Another useul Twitter feed is @LiveDrive

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