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A Smarter Planet awaits you at our stand December 15, 2009

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As you can see from the posts below, activities are in full swing to get everything ready for January (check the schedule). Some of us are twittering and blogging, some are looking after merchandise for the stand, others are looking after the demos… Lots of things to do, meaning that there will be lots of things for you to see 🙂

You already had a taste of what’s in store (see our recent post on Ubuntu) and very soon we will reveal more. In the meantime, you have probably noticed that we mention Smarter Planet a lot… That’s because everything at our stand will be centered around IBM’s Smarter Planet agenda. What exactly is Smarter Planet? In a sentence, it’s our ability to make the world work better. It may sound ambitious, but it IS possible.

Building a Smarter Planet is all about finding new ways to overcome inefficiencies and making things work better, all around us. It’s about making use of sensors, the internet and the capacity to analyse mountains of data in real-time. That’s why, at IBM, we associate Smarter Planet with the words ‘Instrumented’, ‘Interconnected’ and ‘Intelligent’. Most important: Smarter Planet is about having that spark of imagination that brings people to ask themselves: ‘What if we could find a solution to this problem, by making the most out of existing and future technologies?’

At our stand, we will be showcasing some practical examples of how IBM is partnering with clients to help make things work better. Keep checking our blog for updates.



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