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Smarter Education December 13, 2009

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In advance of BT Young Scientist, here is some information about how IBM is involved in helping create a smarter education system.

Smarter Education: A new school of thought for a smarter planet
Educate yourself on key trends in learning, advances in computing and the economic factors that are reshaping our educational systems.
Learn more and download pdf by clicking here

Instrumented = gathering key data
If an education system becomes instrumented—able to capture and convey critical data, such as attendance, grades and enrollment in activities—it can gain a real-time perspective into how a student or school is doing, where intervention is needed, and what is working across institutions and throughout their lifetimes.

Intelligent = decision making that advances learning
An intelligent school system can provide its leaders with the tools and insights they need to make smarter decisions at the system level. Education systems in Illinois, Pennsylvania and Ohio, among others, are working with IBM to develop data systems that gather, integrate, analyze and present information about key performance factors such as attendance, literacy benchmarks and transfers. Leaders and teachers can gain a full picture of student performance and make decisions at the system level that can enhance learning, spot troubling trends earlier and take action, and instill a sense of common purpose in working toward goals.

A university major for tomorrow’s world
IBM is collaborating with more than 250 universities in 50 countries that are offering degrees in Service Science, Management and Engineering (SSME). This new academic discipline combines technology and business skills and focuses on complex service systems, such as healthcare and transportation networks.



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